It IS easy being green!

Kermit the frog has a lot to answer for.  The title of his song about being a frog (“It’s not easy being green”) has been taken up by green “sceptics” who think it’s too much effort to adopt green habits, or that if you aren’t prepared to dedicate your whole life to environmentalism it’s not worth bothering at all.

In my opinion there are all sorts of things we can do that will make a difference, and it doesn’t matter if we can’t or won’t do everything.  I’m not going to repeat all the energy saving / recycling / composting tips here – we all know what they are or we can find out easily.  All I’m saying is do what you can, do it now, and stop complaining!


About Diana in Chichester

Social media marketer working with small businesses, especially in the food, events, and green sectors.
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